Mr. & Mrs. McDonald

About time I get this on the blog!  They say "better late than never" right? It may be four months since this wedding, but guys, I'm still drooling about it. Everything about this wedding was perfect. From the venue, to the florals, to the Godly focus, to the literal people. Jansen was mine and Dustin's officiant at our wedding, and we both have grown up with nearly half of the wedding party. Jansen and I also bond on the "we're married to nurses" level. Emily is heaven sent, I swear. Imagine the kindest, most thoughtful and amazing person, multiply that x1000, and that's Em. I love that these McDonalds have become some of our best friends. Good gosh, y'all. Just this whole shindig was amazing.

The BIGGEST shoutout to Rowena Smith for being my second shooter. She is a miracle worker, a true keeper, and I wouldn't even be mad if you picked her over me :P. Seriously though, anyone needing an amazing photographer, please go check her out!

Now, put on your best smile and get to enjoying this wedding! Congrats Jansen & Emily!