photo by kylie phillips photography

photo by kylie phillips photography

hey y'all!

I'm Alexandria. Or Alex. Or Al. Or Alexandria Danielle if I'm in trouble. I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based in the Hub City: Lubbock, Texas. I love all things art; so much that I used to get grounded from paper (rough childhood, I know.) I started photographing family and friends my junior year of high school and I have been hooked since. I believe my genuine approach to clients and attention to detail is what separates me from other photographers. Of course I want you to have the confidence in me to capture your happy moments, but I also want you to know I'm the biggest doof. So many of my clients have become fellow art lovers, ice cream dates,embarrassing story sharers, and great friends. As a former bride, I remember telling my photographer that I wanted pictures of all the things that I worked so hard on for our wedding: the handmade boutonnieres, the free handed signs, the little things that I feel made our wedding special. That's why I focus on those details that make your day different than everyone else's. I also never want to forget those in-between moments of me and my husband that are forever saved by photography. The tears of joy I shed when I walked down the isle. The belly laugh between us because of something he said. The look of shock on my face when I realized what the groomsmen had done to our getaway car. That's what I want for you too. I want you to be able to reminisce of your day and have pictures to remind you of the details that may have slipped your mind. I want to preserve those things and the obvious abundance of love that surrounded you. I know I can do that for you, if you'll let me. Now let's get some ice cream and chat about this crazy great and seriously amazing thing!

things that bring me joy:

  • I'm addicted to ice cream, sweet tea, and football (Wreck 'Em). It's a borderline unhealthy addiction.
  • I really like my husband, Dustin. He puts up with me, calls me pretty, and is also really awesome at being a nurse which is handy for this hypochondriac.
  • Traveling is my other love and I am the master of finding a comfortable position in any vehicle. My parents bought me luggage for Christmas my senior year of high school and I still haven't decided if they were encouraging me to travel or trying to kick me out of the house.
  • Puppies. I'm obsessed puppies. Especially my puppies, Hank & Otis. Foxes are my favorite too, but not as much as my canines.
  • I promise I'm not an arsonist when I say I love the smell of fire.
  • No matter how much my husband hates them, you will most likely see Birkenstocks on my feet.
  • If I had to pick one thing only to have the rest of my life, it would be sunshine. All I need is a sunset to make me happy.
  • I love worshiping my Savior and I am ever grateful for him. I can only imagine the way my life would be if it weren't for his saving grace and forgiveness.

things that bring me
not as much joy:

  • I loathe mean people. Like so much.
  • I have slight OCD about everything, but if you put multiple colors in non-rainbow order, I'm going to find you.
  • Bad grammar makes me cringe.
  • If you want to get slapped, just rub metal on metal around me.
  • I will actually scream if you put cherry tomatoes on my plate.
  • Beer. Sorry people. I can't do it.
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